This is a follow-up article to my last article Build & Deploy your software using CircleCI please check it out if you haven’t.

In this article, we’ll integrate Slack notification for deployment status, they’ve made this integration a little complex by adding OAuth tokens.

This integration requires changes on Slack…

In this article, we’ll be getting familiar with CircleCI and how we can use it to automate our deployment. You can perform all the steps via CircleCi that any software requires to go to production i.e build, test, and deploy. We’ll be skipping the test step in this post.


  • Make…


A program often referred to as source code or just code, is a set of special instructions to tell the computer what tasks to perform.


A group of words, numbers, and operators that performs a specific task is a statement.

a = b * 2;


A set of variables, values…

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